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Guide To Choose Value Bet in Football Betting

An Overview of Value Bet

Value Bet is a form of betting that allows players the freedom to choose and combine various types of bets to optimize their chances of winning and profitability. To succeed in this type of betting, a bettor needs to have a strong understanding of football, particularly some effective tips. Refer to the detailed content sure soccer tips in the following article by Wintips.

General Information About Value Bet

Value betting is a type of wagering where you choose one or more types of bets yourself. The key aspect is the freedom to choose, combine, and optimize bets to achieve high rewards. This distinct feature creates a flexible, creative space where players can showcase their understanding of strategy.

One of the reasons value betting has become popular is the high payout rates. Bettors can control risk and optimize profit by selecting bets with a difficulty level that matches their betting knowledge.

However, like all forms of betting, there is no such thing as an easy win. This type of betting requires careful consideration, thorough evaluation, and detailed analysis before making a betting decision. Bettors need to understand the teams, match conditions, statistics, and various other factors surrounding the game.

What are the Payout Rates for Value Bets?

In football betting, value betting offers the freedom to choose bet types and wager according to personal strategy. Understanding the payout rates, a critical aspect of this experience, determines the success and profitability of the participant.

Payout Rates for Asian Value Bets

When deciding to engage in value betting, you will encounter many types of Asian bets, such as draw no bet, half-ball handicap, 1.5-ball handicap, etc. Each of these bets will have corresponding odds and payout rates. For beginners, understanding how to apply strategies is the key to winning and earning profits.

For example, in a match between PSG and Man City, if you choose the draw no bet. When the bookmaker offers odds of PSG at 0.89 and Man City at 1.0 for the first half; PSG at 1.04 and Man City at 0.9 for the full 90 minutes.

If you place 300,000 VND on Man City to win in the first half, you will receive 1,000,000 VND if this choice comes true. If you lose, you will lose all the money wagered. If the match is a draw, you will get your money back.

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How to Calculate European Betting Odds

Calculating European betting odds can sometimes be complex, especially for newcomers. With three options - win, draw, or lose - each choice has a corresponding payout rate. To calculate the winnings, the player multiplies the odds by the amount of the bet.

For example, in a match between Man City and PSG, the chances of each team winning are reflected in the European betting odds. The betting options include Man City winning, PSG winning, or the match ending in a draw. Here are the details of the payout rates for each scenario:

Man City Wins (odds of 4.4): If you bet on Man City and they win, you will receive a reward calculated by multiplying the odds of 4.4 by the amount wagered.

PSG Wins (odds of 7.8): If PSG wins, your winnings will be calculated by multiplying the odds of 7.8 by the amount wagered.

Draw (odds of 5.0): If you choose the draw option and the match ends in a draw, you will receive your wager multiplied by the odds of 5.0.

Tips for Guaranteed Wins in Betting

Sharpness and the ability to assess the situation are key to making accurate decisions. The following tips will help you quickly achieve certain success when playing with these betting odds.

Observe Changes in Bookmaker Odds

Monitoring the fluctuation of odds is one of the important strategies to optimize profits. During the match, bookmakers frequently update the odds based on real-time events on the field. If you notice the odds shifting from 1/4 down to 0 in your bet, it could indicate a change in the match dynamics.

Consider Published Rankings

The rankings of the teams often serve as an indicator of their strength and form. A strong team usually has to give a handicap to a weaker team when participating in a match. If you see a weak team receiving a very high handicap or the betting amounts increase sharply within 30 minutes before the match starts, it could signal a good opportunity for the underdog.


Betting odds are a prominent form of wagering, where strategy and precise calculations play crucial roles in each scenario. With the hope of securing a substantial amount of money, players can read betting tips app download experience a challenging sports betting journey and achieve significant victories today.


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