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1x2 Full Time Bet: What Is It? The Most Accurate Football Betting Experience

1x2 full-time betting is no longer unfamiliar to football betting enthusiasts. We can see the continuous development of various forms of online football betting. Concepts related to football are of great interest for enthusiasts to explore. However, there are still some concepts that enthusiasts may not deeply understand. Especially newcomers may face the unfamiliarity of betting terms. In the following article, the odds analysis website - win tips bet, will help you understand this type of bet in detail and share some football betting tips.

Explaining the concept of 1x2 full time betting:

Regular football viewers will be familiar with terms like Halftime or Full Time. These are terms referring to the playing time of the two football teams. Halftime signifies the completion of the first half, while Full Time indicates the end of the match. From these terms, online football betting has developed into two different time frames.

According to the time differentiation, 1x2 Halftime betting is about predicting the outcome of the first half. Full-time betting relates to placing bets on the final outcome of the match. In practice, both forms of betting operate and pay out similarly. It's important to note that full-time football betting only considers the official playing time of the two halves. It does not include extra time or penalty shootouts.

Terms related to 1x2 full-time betting:

The terms in 1x2 full-time football betting are explained as various betting options within this format. They include factors like time, home ground, away team, making it easier for players to accurately bet.

HT: This term stands for Halftime, indicating the betting time frame is the first half.

FT: Also known as Full Time, it signifies the entire match duration.

H (Home): Betting on the home team.

A (Away): Betting on the away team.

D (Draw): Betting on a draw between the two teams.

HH (Home - Home): Betting that the home team will win in both halves.

HA (Home - Away): Betting that the home team wins the first half, but the away team wins the match.

HD (Home - Draw): Betting that the home team wins the first half, and the final score is a draw.

AA (Away - Away): Betting that the away team wins in both halves.

AH (Away - Home): Betting that the away team wins the first half, but the home team wins the match.

AD (Away - Draw): Betting that the away team wins the first half, and the second half ends in a draw.

DD (Draw - Draw): Betting that both halves end in a draw.

DH (Draw - Home): Betting that both halves end in a draw, and the home team wins the match.

DA (Draw - Away): Betting that both halves end in a draw, and the away team wins the match.

How to calculate earnings from 1x2 full-time betting based on odds:

Calculating earnings from full-time betting depends on the odds provided by the best bookmaker. In fact, calculating the bonus money is not difficult at all. With this type of football betting, you simply multiply the betting amount by the odds.

General formula: Full-time football betting bonus = Betting amount x Odds

The odds will be publicly available on the bookmaker's website. In reality, the odds for the first half and the entire match will be different. Therefore, players need to consider carefully before placing bets at any given time.

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Clear example of calculating 1x2 full-time bets:

To help you understand how to calculate betting bonuses, let's take a clear example provided by the bookmaker:

For a match between Hungary and Portugal in the EURO tournament. Through the betting table, we can see the odds are 6.65 - 2.15 - 2.0, respectively, for Hungary to win, a draw, and Portugal to win.

After obtaining the 1x2 full-time odds, you proceed to place your bet on your chosen outcome with a betting amount of 100,000 VND.

If you bet on Hungary to win and the final result is correct, you will receive: 100,000 x 6.65 = 665,000 VND.

If you bet on a draw, you will receive: 100,000 x 2.15 = 215,000 VND.

If you bet on Portugal to win and they indeed win, you will receive: 100,000 x 2.0 = 200,000 VND.

Accurate tips for 1x2 full-time betting:

Currently, 1x2 full-time betting is extremely popular due to its potential for huge winnings. However, along with the huge winnings comes high risk. It's not easy to accurately predict the outcome of bets. In football, anything can happen. The higher the betting odds, the greater the risk. Therefore, experts and veterans have developed their own strategies for analyzing football bets.

Consider factors directly affecting the outcome:

The factors directly affecting the match outcome account for about 70% of the final score. In the experience of analyzing 1x2 full-time bets, it's crucial to pay attention to these factors.

Firstly, consider the head-to-head history between the two teams. Evaluate their past encounters and each team's strengths. Then, look into their recent matches to assess their current form and playing attitude. Based on this analysis, your bet predictions will be more accurate.

Don't forget to compare player-related factors. If a team is facing difficulties with their lineup, it's a key point to consider when placing bets.

Evaluate indirect factors affecting the match:

A football match is not only influenced by factors on the field but also external factors. These factors can affect the playing style and ultimately the outcome

. It could be related to weather changes, home ground advantages, or even psychological factors.

In this article, the odds analysis website - wintips provides detailed information about 1x2 full-time betting. Hopefully, this information will help you gain a deeper understanding of this betting term.


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