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• Taiji / Taichi Classes
• Qigong / Daoyin Classes

• Meditation & Mindfulness

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• Yin Style Bagua 

• Yoga Classes
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Meditation Mondays



Tai Chi in Motion
Practicing Tai Chi on the Beach

Monday Morning Meditation

Bring your zafu, meditation cushion or rug and join in an exciting practice of quiet! Whether you call in Za Zen, 靜坐, silent meditation or sitting meditation, we invite the community to tap into stillness by following the oldest awareness practice in the East: sitting silently, removing our ego and emotions, and experiencing what it is to let go of the monkey mind and just be...

class time: Most Mondays, 7:45-8:30am

always check class calendar  

7:45-7:55am: movement to flow the Qi

7:55-8:30: silent meditation

cost: free!

Awakening to the Flow of Qi with Taiji

藏手太極一:Hidden Hand Taiji form I is for those who seek to awaken themselves to the flow of Qi in their bodies, settle the mind into quiet awareness, and tap into the universal flow, or Dao, all around us. Focusing on developing the Dragon Spine and unblocking the flow of the Spirit throughout the body, this class is open to all who seek inner peace through harmony of movement. Hidden Hand Taiji I does not highlight the martial arts aspect of Taiji, as the focus is on centering the self as the first step towards awakening the flow of Qi within us.

teacher: Andrew Nugent-Head

class times: Most Wednesdays, 5:30pm-6:25pm, pre registration on class calendar required. Check class calendar for dates & registration.

cost: $20


Forging the Body with Taiji

藏手太極二:Hidden Hand Taiji form II is a more demanding, body focused practice of Taiji. It assumes practitioners are already in both good health and athletic shape, as movements are faster, stances are deeper, and strength is required. Hidden Hand Taiji II is where we understand the name of the form–the normally unrecognizable martial applications of each move in the form as it is practiced in form I are shown and demonstrated. While not an applications focused class, practitioners should expect occasional partnered practice of techniques to better understand the form itself.

teacher: Andrew Nugent-Head

class times: Most Wednesdays, 6:30pm-7:25pm, pre-registration on class calendar required.

cost: $20


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Qi Gong 101

Your Best Introduction to Qigong!

All living things have Life Force energy moving through their systems. A lack of Qi, or poor circulation may cause less than optimal health. In this class we learn some traditional forms of movements, explore massage, tapping and sounds as ways of cultivating and stimulating Qi flow. Standing, sitting, and floor exercises will be taught. Feeling and experiencing is the learning method. My goal is you learn enough to create your own regular practice. 

teacher: Allen Horowitz

class time: Mondays, 9:30 to 10:30am

cost: $10


Yin Style Bagua

   I teach Yin Style Bagua in the traditional manner it was taught when I began: by invitation, recommendation, or application only. It is not an open class and most people can be expected to be turned away.

   Why? After being the impetus of bringing this line of YSB to the public through seminars, study groups and videos, I echo Dr. Xie's disappointment in his final days with where the art was going due to being openly taught due to my early efforts.

   After almost 20 years since his passing, I have decided to return to teaching the way it was when I began–only taking on students who have the discipline, diligence, physical strength, ethical outlook and maturity that means they will not only stay with the art and carry it forward, but also represent it in a manner fitting one of the last unadulterated internal arts of China.

   The line I teach is the Yin Fu to Men Baozhen to Xie Peiqi lineage, the following generation of practitioners being the late Liu Shichang, He Jinbao and myself. You can find Liu Shichang's videos online, visit He Jinbao's website,  see my early efforts at documenting this art, or follow what I am teaching now. While I will not be teaching openly, all classes will be filmed and made available on our teaching platform as an online learning resource for those interested in the art but do not match in person criteria.